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our team

We only hire safe drivers that know the area. Our drivers are all independent contractors and understand that getting from A to B means safely.

we appreciate

your patience

We're just a small operation with less than 10 vehicles servicing 2 counties and upwards of 750,000 people. Just something to consider when you receive a lengthy wait time.




moving forward

More and more of our drivers are now using various types of credit card processing so that cash doesn't have to be your only option. Please let your dispatcher know if you need a driver that can process a credit card.

We offer the cheapest rates in York County. 

our Services

We receive dozens of applications daily from new drivers. You can use the form on our contact page to submit one. Please bare in mind we only hire the best. This company is a veteran owned business and our tolerance for less than the best is 0%. Neither D&L Cab Co. nor our insurers will allow for high risk drivers, and that's something we're proud to stand by.

- Vehicles kept to Pa PUC code

- Vehicles registered and inspected regularly

- All drivers are held to high standards.

- Criminal background checks are run on all drivers before employment and once every year to ensure compliance.

- 10 yr driver checks are run on all drivers prior to employment and once a year.

- Drug screenings are performed as well.


We offer honest and affordable rates to our customers. We do get busy, and we don't own hundreds of cars, so please be patient. This past winter has taken a great toll on all of our vehicles due to negligent and uninsured motorists. Please drive safe out there!

And please remember that if you are going to leave a negative review for a long wait time; We service 2 counties with about 750,000 people with only a handful of vehicles.

Also, if we give you a wait time, that is under the assumption that the person before you gets dropped off where they tell us. Most times for whatever reason people will not reveal to us their actual drop off location until after they are picked up which increases wait times. 

Another cause of increased wait times is due to people telling us one stop, and it turns into a 2 hour tour of the city. While we don't mind doing this, it considerably increases wait times for all of our other customers. 

As for those complaining about the owner by name, I do not answer the phone nor do I make deals over the phone. But again, we do welcome all reviews both good and bad. However, it's unfortunate that bad news spreads faster than good.



D&L Cab Co.

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